As a local real estate professional a commitment to client satisfaction is a top priority. Whether you are considering purchasing a home, or selling an existing property, an outstanding level of service is guaranteed with me representing you in your next real estate transaction. I provide real estate services in SugarLoaf Realty Partners, , , , , , and in other local real estate markets.

There is no doubt that providing the ideal level of real estate service will mean that you will be able to meet all of your real estate objectives. Many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my real estate services. Thanks again for visiting and be sure to contact me regarding any real estate buying or selling need, whether large or small.

Miguel Candelaria

“I had a very well established business in the Real Estate Industry. My business was facing downturn due to the bad economy and I was having difficulty to sustain my residential and commercial assets. My attorneys were advising me to file Bankruptcy, but Seema explained the advantages of doing a Short Sale over Bankruptcy to save my Credit. Seema guided me on my whole real estate portfolio that included my personal home, Lake Home, Commercial Building and Land Parcels. With her very professional and thorough approach, she talked to multiple Banks and Foreclosure attorneys to resolve the issues one by one. She found an excellent buyer for my personal home in Sugarloaf Country Club in less than 2 weeks in this tough market and smoothly took it to Closing. She helped me save all my other assets and life is back to normal. Seema is the most competent Agent I have ever known. Seema has the skills and professionalism to come out as a winner and make you a winner in this Economic downturn.

Miguel Candelaria

Glen and Joyce McIntosh

We have used Seema Jain for the sale of our home and have been pleased beyond all expectations. She is extremely knowledgeable about the short sale market, procedures, and negotiating with mortgage companies to accept a short offer as full payment for the mortgage. She has all the contacts, arranged to be the spokeswoman and liaison between us and the mortgage company, and has been a tireless worker.

The amount of traffic she brought through the house was impressive/amazing given the current luxury home market. She also has been impressive in her exposure to and keeping a steady influx of cash buyers and those who can qualify looking at the house. It was a tough decision since having many friends who are realtors, but Seema ‘gets it done’ reputation was the deciding point for us. AND SHE GOT IT DONE ..

Lynn Agnes & Don Cunningham

“Seema Jain’s total business performance has gone above and beyond our expectations for sales excellence. As stressful as it is to sell your home and search for/negotiate and buy a new home, Seema’s attention to detail, deal making skills and overall concern for her clients, took a huge burden off of Don and I throughout the process. She’s hard working, honest and we’ve seen first hand that she is highly regarded by a large network of perspective buyers, the banking community and realtors throughout the area…..and has really become a friend to us that we truly value.

Seema Jain is by far the most professional, results driven, customer focused realtor that we’ve worked with in our six home sell/buy corporate and personal moves. While Seema utilizes every marketing, communications and networking tool available, it is her amazing deal making skills that truly sets her apart from others. Polite, honest but definitely not shy, she is someone who is not satisfied until the best possible contract for her client – on both the selling and buying side of the housing equation – has been attained. Don and I now know “why” Seema has won so many awards as the Top Residential Producer at NAMAR– she earned these awards through hard work, customer commitment and closing deals.” …

Ken & Caroline Morse

“We couldn’t be happier in our new house on Delbarton Place! This is our “Forever House”! We were fortunate enough to bring together a deal that allowed us to sell our home in Sugarloaf and purchase the home of our dreams! We could not have done this without Seema Jain! Seema worked VERY HARD to make this deal come together! Seema can handle objections in a very positive manner and successfully resolve them utilizing help from all available resources to make it a win-win situation . She was fabulous to work with, she is a clear communicator, a great adviser, responsive and she gets results! When we decided to put our house on the market I knew right away who to call! Thank you, Seema!”

The Flores Family

“I had a very well established business in the construction industry. My business collapsed due to the bad economy, and my personal property was about to be foreclosed when some of the neighbors recommended that I should talk to Seema. Seema talked to our bank to get the loan modification taken care and then put our house in the market to get us out of this difficult situation. Within a month, she could secure three very good buyers and started working with the bank to consider a Short Sale. Not only did Seema explain the steps to us in great detail, she also guided us on how to navigate the complexities of this SHORT SALE transaction to come up with satisfactory payoffs to all the lien holders. She has excellent contacts with Attorneys and Bankers. I was in tremendous stress, my whole family and work life seemed upside down, and Seema could pull us out of it. Now, my morale is back and I can happily take care of my family.

Laurie Sobh-Fabec

“I would like to recommend Seema Jain. Seema is a very aggressive, hard working agent, who lives in Sugarloaf and knows the market very well. She has a great following, and a very extensive customer base. When we put our house up for sale in June, she knew we wanted to sell quickly, and she got right on it. The very next day she was showing the house. In our situation we had a very tough close, and, in fact, had to change the closing 3 times before we were finally able to close. Seema never gave up, she was able to work hard, and through her many connections was able to overcome every obstacle that presented itself. If you are looking for an aggressive agent who knows the Sugarloaf market, I would recommend you to call Seema Jain.

Steve Weeks

Ms. Seema Jain worked tirelessly in showing the house, and trying to broker a short-sale agreement with both lien holders and avoid Foreclosure of my property. Seema handled this transaction with an extreme level of professionalism, and she has performed above and beyond her call of duty. I feel that it is only through her persistent efforts that this short-sale was completed. I continue to have a tremendous amount of respect for her integrity and hard work. I would absolutely enlist her help in any future real estate dealings, and would certainly encourage others to do the same.

Perry & Barb Moss

Five years ago when my family and I were searching for a home in Sugarloaf Country Club, we quickly learned who we would likely work with should we ever need to sell our house. Seema Jain must have been present at nearly 75% of the homes we looked at for our purchase. She was actively involved in featuring all the benefits of each house we saw. We were astonished at the number of people that had their homes listed with Seema. We figured there must be a good reason for this!
Recently, we had the need to put our home on the market and obviously called Seema to help. She quickly helped us to determine the best price point, actually urging us to market the home a little higher than we had anticipated. Together, we came up with an effective marketing plan and before we knew it we were showing our house to potential buyers. Seema always vetted potential buyers and ensured they were qualified to purchase a home in our price range. She made the process very easy and efficient, no wonder so many people work with her.

We found Seema to be quite a real estate professional and extremely experienced in handling various situations. She is a very strategic seller and knew who to market our home to and used just the right strategy to get them interested. Then she would use her market knowledge to convey the true value of our home to the potential buyer. Needless to say, Seema sold our house and made the whole process very simple. We would highly recommend Seema to anyone selling or buying a house, especially in Sugarloaf Country Club. No one knows this market better! Thank you Seema!!

Bob & Cindy Rugare

We lived in Sugarloaf Country Club for fifteen years before we moved away. After living in northern Georgia for 5 years, we decided to move "back home". It was where all of our friends were and minutes from family. Seema Jain made our move back home effortless. Her expertise in the real estate business was exemplary. She made sure she showed us all homes that fell into our criteria, as well as, offering suggestions for changes that could be made for that house to fit our needs. No matter when we called or texted her, she responded immediately. She really was a breath of fresh air. She was always professional and we always felt like she had our best interest at heart. We are thrilled with our new home and grateful to Seema for making it happen!! We would definitely recommend her for your real estate needs.

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